In Chair Teeth Whitening Versus Take-Home Kits

December 23, 2016

Teeth whitening: The benefits of In-chair teeth whitening versus take-home kits

Are your teeth stained or discoloured? Teeth whitening treatments lift stains and can make your teeth several shaded lighter, for a natural-looking white smile.Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in Australia, and it can be performed in the dentist’s chair or in your own home.

Why do teeth become discoloured?

Some people’s teeth are naturally less white, but environmental factors also play a part in causing teeth to become discoloured. The most common causes of teeth stains are:

  • tobacco
  • red wine
  • coffee and tea
  • soft drinks
  • beetroot, dark berries and other food stains
  • certain medications.

Teeth whitening is most successful at removing organic stains that make the teeth look yellow. If your teeth appear more grey, brown or other colours, your dentist may recommend alternative treatments such as veneers.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a form of cosmetic dentistry, meaning it improves the appearance of your teeth but doesn’t improve your oral health. If your teeth discolouration is caused by an underlying health condition, this will need to be treated as a priority.There are two options for teeth whitening treatments: you can have your teeth whitened by your dentist at your local clinic, or you can use a take-home whitening kit.Whichever option you choose, teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment. If you want to maintain the shade of your teeth, you’ll need to have repeat treatments every 12 to 18 months.

In-chair teeth whitening

Having your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist produces faster and more reliable results compared to doing it yourself. This is because in-chair treatments use a higher concentration of whitening gel, applied under controlled conditions.Before applying the whitening gel, your dentist will clean and scale your teeth to remove plaque and other debris. A rubber dam will be placed in your mouth to protect your gums and other soft tissues against irritation, and to make sure you don’t swallow the gel.Your dentist will then carefully apply the bleaching gel to the surfaces of your teeth, which is activated by light. The treatment is carried out in stages, giving your dentist the chance to check its progress and to decide when your teeth have reached the desired shade. In-chair teeth whitening usually takes around one hour.

At-home teeth whitening

You’ll still need to see your dentist for an oral examination and teeth cleaning before using a take-home whitening kit, as the presence of plaque or underlying oral health conditions will affect the results. Your dentist will also take impressions of your teeth, which are used to make custom-fitted trays.These trays should be filled with the whitening gel provided and placed over your teeth for one hour per day, for as long as your dentist recommends. Teeth will usually reach their desired level of whiteness in around two weeks.Although home teeth whitening takes longer and can produce more variable results, some people prefer the convenience and comfort of having the treatment in their own home.

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