10 ways to use dental floss that don’t involve your teeth

September 15, 2017

Dentists recommend that you floss at least once a day, to remove plaque and food trapped between your teeth that your toothbrush might not reach.

Stocking up on floss is a good idea so you don’t run out, and it also means you’ll have a handy tool available for clothing repairs and all sorts of odd jobs around the home. Here are some creative ways to use dental floss that you might not have thought of before.


1. Clean your keyboard

Floss is designed to clean hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, so why not try it in other places too? Use a flosser or wrap a length of floss around your fingers and carefully wipe dust and dirt from your laptop keyboard, furniture edges and other nooks and crannies.


2. Repair clothes and fabrics

Floss is designed to be strong so that it doesn’t break in your mouth. You can take advantage of this strength by using it instead of normal thread for emergency clothing repairs, like sewing on a button, or for other fabric items such as canvas bags, screen doors and playpens.


3. Replace a shoelace

You might not love the floss shoelace look, but if a lace breaks, unwaxed floss can make a sturdy substitute until you can track down a matching replacement.


4. Fix glasses and jewellery

If you lose one of the small screws from your glasses, or you break a necklace or bracelet, floss can hold things together until you can arrange professional repairs.


5. Hang your clothes

If you’re always running out of hangers and rails to air dry your clothes, a line of floss suspended between two sturdy objects can make a temporary clothes line. It’s even strong enough to support wet clothes.


6. Hang pictures

Floss isn’t always an emergency substitute. When it comes to hanging pictures around your home, some people prefer floss to wire as it’s less likely to scratch wall paint. It can even support small ornaments, such as wind chimes.


7. Cut soft food

Looking for a way to slice cakes and rolls without them crumbling? Try cutting them with dental floss for a cleaner finish than a knife. Floss can also cut through other soft foods such as cheese and hard boiled eggs, remove the skin from fish, and unstick freshly baked goods from baking sheets.


8. Support climbing plants

Waxed floss is waterproof, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. You can tie a length between wooden posts to support tomato vines, string beans and other climbing plants.


9. Seal fittings

If any screws in your home are a little loose, you can make them more secure by winding floss around the threads. You can also seal cracks in wood by rolling floss in glue and working it into place.


10. Stripe your nails

Dental floss isn’t only practical – it can make creative nail art too! Paint your nails a light colour and apply a darker colour to a flosser, making sure it’s evenly coated. Then simply press the floss onto your nail to create stripes, using a rolling action to paint around the curve.


Clean your teeth

Floss may be a more versatile product than you thought, but its most important function is to help your teeth stay clean and free from plaque.

Flossing at least once every day – along with twice-daily tooth brushing and twice-yearly dental visits –
can lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, which has benefits for your overall health too.


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